Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Court we go!

Ashbourne Management Services, bless them, have sent me a very dismissive letter which says that as I have a debt with them they cannot help me.

¬†Oh dear oh dear, Ashbourne. I do not have a debt with you, as bourne out by the screenshot you sent me. That was an expensive mistake, wasn’t it? Anyway, I cannot be bothered with arguing any more, so today I’m taking the N1 claim form to my local county court to start proceedings for breach of s10 of the Data Protection Act. I want this incorrect and unlawful default removed.

This is going to cost them….


Ashbourne Management Services Limited – the story so far

This blog entry has two purposes: to bring the reader up to date with my battle to have an unlawful and inaccurate default removed; and to appear on search engine results when people search for Ashbourne Management Services Limited. In fact, I’ll ask your forgivness in advance for using the company’s full name so often, but I hope it will help this page’s prominence on the internet!

Some background first. I joined a local gym a few years back, and very good it was too. The facilities were on a par with a large chain but without the horrible impersonal atmosphere which pervades the well-known large players in the market. The price was reasonable too, partly because I’d signed a two-year agreement.

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