Ashbourne Management Services – They never learn!

Sadly I didn’t get round to taking them to court as promised in my last blog entry, things got too busy over Christmas and it just dropped from my personal “to-do” list.

 In fact, I’d almost forgotten about Ashbourne Management until a few days ago when another one of their computer-generated “threat-o-grams” arrived.

So today I’ve been to the local  County Court and have issued proceedings against Ashbourne for breach of the Data Protection Act, plus damages! I’ve also asked for compensation for the distress their two years of incompetence and threats has caused.

 To anybody contemplating similar action, the Court staff couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s a daunting prospect, going to a court building, but be assured that it’s actually easier than you might think.

Now let’s see if Ashbourne, or their pathetic solicitors, manage to ignore the Court’s letters in the same way they ignored mine for so long. I don’t take kindly to being treated like a criminal, and I’ll gladly see them in Court.


Ashbourne Management – digging themselves a hole

It’s nice to see that neither Ashbourne Management nor their solicitors have replied to my latest letters. No matter, I’ve heard from both the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the meantime.

The ICO are writing to Ashbourne yet again explaining how to respond to a Data Subject Notice and have sent me some information about starting a court case. As I stated in my last entry, I’ve already got an N1 claim form ready to go if Ashbourne don’t start playing ball by the end of the month, so we’ll see.

The SRA have informed me that my complaint about Williamson & Soden is awaiting a casework officer, so again that’s good news. You may remember that Williamson & Soden are telling me (and presumably advising Ashbourne) that they have complied with the Data Protection Act when clearly they have not. So either they’re incompetent or lying – in my opinion of course!

This blog isn’t growing as quickly as I’d like, mainly because I’ve been away for the best part of a week. But I certainly haven’t forgotten it!