Turns out that Williamson & Soden have got form!

A quick bit of Googling revealed that Williamson & Soden, Ashbourne’s solicitors who can’t/won’t understand the Data Protection Act, have got a bit of form.

Apparently they were sued in 1998 for a whopping £250,000 for allegedly cocking up the handling of a will. This extract is from an article first published in The Independent:

A firm of Midland solicitors is being sued for more than pounds 250,000 by two brothers over the handling of their father’s will.

Mr William Spring claims he has been in a dispute for the past 12 years with solicitors Williamson and Soden over part of his father’s pounds 140,000 estate.

He is now claiming damages and has issued two writs in the High Court in London, one against the firm and another against two senior partners, Ms Allison Scott and Mr Ian Williamson, who were involved in the administering of the will.

The firm vigorously denies the accusations made by 53-year-old Mr Spring and says it will fight the action.

Mr Spring, who was owed a total of pounds 11,956 from the estate, claimed he was seeking at least pounds 250,000 in damages.

He is drawing up a detailed statement of claim but said he was taking into account the fact he could have renovated two holiday homes in France and Cyprus and rented them for at least pounds 400 a week if he had received the money.

Mr Spring, who lives in Tottenham, north London, said: “We’ve had an incredible situation over the past few years in the way the will was handled and I’ve not received a penny from the estate and it looks as if I won’t now.”

Mr Spring’s father, also called William, of Baldwins Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham, died of natural causes in 1986. He left his common-law wife wife Mrs Violet Shakespeare pounds 10,000 in his will and bequeathed other amounts to members of his family and charities.

The full article can be found here: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_19980722/ai_n14162287.

I wonder if they’ll find themselves in court again any time soon?


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